Crosslight’s Impact Report 2020/21

Crosslight is Sturgeon Ventures’ chosen charity and we are pleased to share their Impact Report for 2020/21.

More than any other year their work with people in need of debt advice services and practical solutions has been invaluable.  Crosslight advises and educates people in financial difficulties to gain control over their financial future, alongside ongoing guidance and mentoring.

Their latest report highlights how much they need to raise each year, alongside success stories. Some statistics from their report are highlighted below:


Sturgeon Ventures and Crosslight


Crosslight’s vision is

“..centred on the whole person, meeting clients at their point of need and walking with them until they get back on their feet. Our philosophy is to empower clients to deal with the causes of their financial difficulty, going beyond advice and supporting clients throughout their whole journey…”

Working with a growing number of communities in and around London and the South East, their actions are rooted in the belief that everyone deserves dignity, independence and renewed hope.

Some positive statistics from the recent report include:

Sturgeon Ventures and Crosslight charity


If you’d like to read read more about Crosslight’s work in their Impact Report 2020/21, please download it here.   Or, visit their website

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