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Seonaid Mackenzie Sturgeon Ventures

Seonaid Mackenzie founded Sturgeon Ventures – the pioneering Regulatory Incubator since 1998

Seonaid Mackenzie has had a 37 year career in the City, having been a stockbroker, fund manager, an operator of UK funds, a fund raiser for private companies and funds, while sitting as a non-exec in financial services or SMEs. Seonaid founded Sturgeon Ventures LLP as a single family office in 1998 which invested in public and private companies. The Principal of that office died in 2004, leaving behind a trust fund for a child. Those funds today are passively managed and so Sturgeon took on a new active business line and became the pioneer of, and coined the phrase of, Regulatory Incubation for financial services.  This started in 2000 and is now more commonly known by some as a Regulatory Umbrella Service or Regulatory Hosting Platform.

In 2013, Sturgeon Ventures became an Investment Advisor with the SEC, and in 2014 an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) and Operator of Collective Investment Schemes and AIFM Solutions.  Sturgeon Ventures is also a member of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA).  The firm has incubated over 150 start-ups since this business model began. The firms include fund managers with various strategies, third party fund raisers, corporate finance firms and family offices, amongst others.

Sturgeon’s team offer regulatory and risk services within their incubation model together with start-up mentoring, a virtual Chief Operating service for fund launches, and often assist overseas, especially US firms starting in London. They work with leading law firms, accountancy firms, and most well known compliance firms. Although jurisdiction neutral, Sturgeon has assisted a number of firms within the last 5 years with setting up funds in Malta. Seonaid is also regulated by the MFSA as an investment manager and sits on a number of investment committees in Malta, as well as being an Investment Manager in Guernsey. Seonaid was on the Strategic Advisory Board of Kleinwort Benson for 2 years.

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Sturgeon Ventures Regulatory Umbrella
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Over the years Seonaid has won many awards including being:

  • Awarded M&A Awards 2018 – Compliance Consulting: Advice on Start-up Issues – Adviser of the Year UK
  • Award ACQ Awards 2017 – UK Game Changer of the Year – Seonaid Mackenzie.
  • Voted by Brummell as one of the top 30 most inspirational female entrepreneurs in financial services in the United Kingdom 2014.

Throughout her career,  Seonaid has continued to act as either a Trustee, Menor or Ambassador for charities and entrepreneurial businesses. More recently, mentoring and assisting in putting a Non Regulated Single Family Office investment structure and team in place. Once launched, Seonaid will sit on the Investment Committee.

Seonaid is a member of The Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments, a Member of the Corporate Finance Faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and is a champion with mentorships for the Treasury’s initiative for the Women in Finance Charter.

Seonaid has been a guest speaker at several London secondary schools, speaking to 17/18 year olds about a career in financial services and being a female entrepreneur. Seonaid focuses on issues such as her predominantly female workforce and working mothers having benefitted from flexible hours for the past 20 years. Seonaid has two university aged children and a cocker spaniel.


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