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The focus and reputation of the corporate finance team is primarily directed at entrepreneurs in micro enterprises, small and mid-size private and quoted companies across all industries. 

Strategic board advisory

A strong differentiator is the long-term partnerships we build with our clients, both directly through incubated corporate financiers and our Appointed Representative Firms

Fund raising for micro-enterprises, small and medium enterprises is helping the backbone of the British economy, from working with Angel Networks to Private Equity funds as investors. 

As an ecosystem we are frequently involved in advising on the strategic issues faced by the board. 

We can:
• help to build value
• bring in ideas, expertise, and contacts.

How we can help with strategic issues

We provide hands-on support in:

  • Securing new funding including through our partner and Appointed Representative Firm network
  • Business valuations

Our ecosystem is made up of Corporate Finance experts from angel networks to venture capital funds, family offices and Private Equity firms including introducing companies to firms to take them public.

Professional advisors

We work closely with your other professional advisers (including financial and legal advisers) and build long term relationships that provide extra benefit to our clients. In this way we deepen knowledge and provide a more seamless and efficient service on transactions – where experience and close teamwork count for a great deal.

Funding companies

As a firm we are close to the market – from both a corporate finance and an investment management perspective. 

Therefore, we are particularly well placed to work with angel networks to venture capitalists, private equity firms and banks, using our research to understand the market; finding acquisition targets; helping to manage portfolios through merger, disposal and acquisition; and providing strong transaction support and due diligence.

Transaction services

Our approach to due diligence often extends beyond conventional checks on forecasts, assets etc. 

Using our extensive partner network, we can look more widely, for example at employee benefits, including pensions, tax and commercial reputation.

All of this is aimed at helping you to understand and reduce your risks when structuring a deal or changing strategy.
We identify, early on, the key issues likely to impact the successful conclusion of a deal. Where we do identify problems, we will always try to provide a commercial solution rather than leave a deal to flounder.

In 1998 when Sturgeon Ventures was launched as a single-family office, it was a Venture Catalyst investing in young startup companies.

Sturgeon Ventures and its Appointed Representative Firms have embraced The Consumer Duty – Micro Enterprises, Small & Medium Enterprises unless there is an experienced Director are classified as Retail Clients for Corporate Finance Purposes. 

Sturgeon Ventures has incubated Corporate Financiers since 2001, many have gone on to be major brands such as  see our Testimonials page.

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