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Sturgeon Ventures have been for many years an Accelerator and Venture Catalyst to businesses in and out of financial services. We have introduced capital to some of our clients over the years. Although Sturgeon does not have a pool of capital for seeding new managers or accelerating existing teams, we know groups that do.

We have continuous conversations with both well-known as well as little-known investment pools in the US and Europe and Asia, including family offices which we have worked with for over thirty years. Through these conversations, we keep a close eye on opportunities for our clients. Many competitors claim to know family offices, however we have been a family officer advisor for nearly two decades and are trusted by the community as a family office discrete advisor.

Sturgeon has also been approved as a trusted firm by well known pension and hedge fund consultants and passed their due diligence reviews. Sturgeon Ventures first joined AIMA for instance as early as 2004. The team at Sturgeon are well versed in governance and building a business, which is why we are known as a business and regulatory incubator.

A decent investment strategy and performance is not enough to bring in investors. Longer and more detailed due diligence questionnaires require a solid business set-up and a marketing approach that matches this. We have worked with many managers building products and assisting in their investor’s documentation and messages. As a result, investors tend to look more beyond the performance information. Our mission at Sturgeon is to build lasting relationships and this is well founded in our marketing support


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