Sturgeon Ventures – A Carbon Neutral Plus Organisation

Sturgeon Ventures LLP became a Carbon Neutral Plus Organisation on 14th July 2020.   This status is a strong demonstration of our true low carbon credentials.

Why climate changes matters to Sturgeon Ventures

During the lock down period we have been shown photos of clear skies, oceans and Venician lagoons by the media and not to mention the increased recognition of the birdsong around us. These positive changes around the planet took place whilst we had an enforced period of less travel and consumption in our lives during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

For Sturgeon Ventures, it bought a time of reflection and a determination to make a formal commitment to looking after our planet, reducing greenhouse gases and global warming by becoming a Carbon Neutral Plus Organisation.

Sturgeon Ventures’  journey

The desire to act ties in strongly with Sturgeon’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) values, which are publicly demonstrated by being a Signatory of the UN-backed Principles of Responsible Investment since March 2020 and a Signatory to the Treasury’s Women’s Charter in Finance since inception.

Our commitment to the Women’s Charter in Finance falls under the S of ESG values, with our agile working methods enabling gender diversity and modern labour standards.

We have been looking into how to engage in the E of ESG as a Firm and eventually came across Carbon Footprint Ltd who were willing to assess all our Home Offices as well as the HQ in Putney.  We have been an advocate of working from home for many years and would have loved to have a carbon neutral footprint, but the assessor companies only wanted to work with organisations in offices.

Working with Carbon Footprint Ltd, we have completed an appraisal of all our business greenhouse gas emissions to ISO 14064-1.   We have taken on board recommendations to further reduce emissions and offset all emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.

Dr Wendy Buckley, Client Director at Carbon Footprint Ltd said,

‘Sturgeon Ventures has taken a proactive step – ahead of any legislative requirement to do so – of measuring their carbon footprint and gone the stage further of mitigating emission by offsetting via our UK Tree Planting and Brazil Amazon- Avoided Deforestation project. Via this combined project, Sturgeon Ventures has achieved Carbon Neutral Plus status.’

Seonaid Mackenzie, Managing Director of Sturgeon Ventures added,

‘We are delighted to achieve the Carbon Footprint – Carbon Neutral Plus status. We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance and supporting projects that address the climate emergency both right here in the UK and overseas.’

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Carbon Footprint Ltd is a leading sustainability and carbon management consultancy providing solutions to the climate emergency, serving businesses and consumers across the globe to reduce their environmental impact and achieve net zero carbon neutrality.


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