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Regulatory Incubator – Sturgeon Ventures coined the phrase in 2001, having started incubating people in financial services then. We are a trusted partner and venture catalyst offering regulatory hosting, regulatory incubation, hosted regulatory solutions and Umbrella services.

We are the Pioneer of Regulatory Incubation, and is to this day still the leading firm in regulatory hosting in particular for delegated mandates to the UK from global AIFMs and for closed-ended UK Funds and global managed accounts.

Sturgeon Ventures is the longest running and most experienced wholesale regulatory incubator in the United Kingdom.  Since inception the firm has incubated 150 start-ups including a number of established firms from the USA and other countries launching their UK businesses.  A financial services company launched in weeks not months. We deliver bespoke solutions to our clients.

Sturgeon Ventures is Authorised and Regulated by the FCA, helping you to work towards your FCA Authorisation by delivering bespoke solutions to our clients.Sturgeon Ventures 150 Start ups

Sturgeon Ventures is a “Regulatory Ecosystem”, empowering effective regulatory change.  Managing continuous regulatory change can be complex, costly, time-consuming and seemingly ineffective, regardless of the resources you commit. Working with Sturgeon and the team is a way to engage with continuous innovation and Sturgeon’s network of partners who collaborate on solutions.

The industry also calls our service a regulated umbrella, hosted regulatory platform, hosted regulatory solution or regulated hosting, however we see ourselves as a short and long term trusted partner, not just for a rainy day.

Incubated by Sturgeon’s regulatory umbrella framework, you benefit from:

  • No need for upfront capital.
  • No time wasted dealing with regulatory authorisation and regulatory filings
  • Opportunity and time to develop your business concept to the right markets.
  • Dealing with our experienced and regulated personnel as part of your team however large or small.

If we cannot offer the appropriate solution we are known to 90% of the other service providers in this sector and we can introduce you to an appropriate provider. Contact us for further information:

You can also read more on the FCA website about what authorisation involves for financial services and investment management firms –

Regulatory Incubation – How much does it cost?

There is no set up fee if you are Only Arranging and/or Advising, as an Appointed Representative Firm, you only pay for your CRB and DBS Checks for the individuals – your first fee kicks in after we have completed due diligence your firm and its individuals which we are required to do; literally just before submission, that is they your monthly payment date going forward.

We will then charge an ongoing monthly flat fee for use of our regulatory license, depending on the number of people and complexity and our compliance services which will include mandatory training.

Regulatory Incubator Sturgeon Ventures

Flexible Working

Breaking out of working for a big firm and setting up your own start-up allows for agile teams and more flexible working.

The ability to work flexibly is for some, a bigger draw than a salary, giving them a better work life balance.  Creating agile teams, is a great way of empowering people to be able to work how and where best suits their circumstances.  Office costs are less and team productivity increases, enabled by the use of technology and collaborative working tools.

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