Facilities Agent

If you are a Non UK Manager of a UCITs fund, you have no presence in the UK you will need a UK Facilities Agent to be the address for the FCA Register.

In our role as Facilities Agent:

  • Sturgeon Ventures will provide from its address in the UK the facilities as required under COLL 9.4 by the Operator of a Collective Investment Scheme that is recognised by the FCA for distribution in the UK.
  • Sturgeon Ventures will hold copies at its office of all required documents of the Scheme for distribution to any person that so requests a copy.
  • Sturgeon Ventures will provide price information to any person and arrange for the redemption of units in the Scheme.
  • Sturgeon Ventures will receive complaints regarding the Scheme from any person and transmit to the Operator of the Scheme.

Enquiries please email: hello@sturgeonventures.com

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