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Sturgeon Ventures has been managing money since 1998, first as a Single Family Office then leading into offering discretionary portfolio management services for Sub Threshold AIFM and a Delegated Portfolio Manager to various Offshore Structures, including managed accounts and funds of one.

Sturgeon has managed (US) ERISA and Non ERISA Managed Accounts for US Endowments, as well as Managed Accounts for many end clients such as UHNWs, Single and Multi Family Offices, Insurance Companies, and Banks both here, in the USA and MENA Regions.

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Our Investment Approach – Discretionary Fund Management

Sturgeon Ventures’ Portfolio Management Services focus on Discretionary Investment Management.

This approach means that the firm manages the clients’ portfolio without the need to check on regular investment changes.  These updates are based on the fund manager’s judgment.  If there are any larger or non-routine decisions to be made, that fall outside the original engagement, the firm is required to check before taking any action.

At the start of any relationship, each client fills in an investment questionnaire where their appetite for risk is measured alongside their goals – identifying long, medium or short term objectives. It is usual to have interim checks on whether the investment portfolio continues to meet with clients’ needs.

Discretionary investment services are usually targetted towards institutional businesses, pension funds and high-net worth individuals (HNWI).

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