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Sturgeon Compliance Services (SCS) was created just a few years ago to support the team at Sturgeon Ventures during the term time of The Regulatory Incubator and to prepare the applications and ongoing support after the firms’ breakaway.

We can assist in some areas and we know where to get specialised services such as SEC Advice from those whom we have worked with and find invaluable, through our Regulatory Ecosystem.

We also work with many of the leading Compliance Consultancy companies in the United Kingdom and around the world as Sturgeon Ventures is able to engage their services to work alongside SCS and we manage these trusted client relationships whilst working with these other consultancies. These consultancies also engage Controlled Function personnel of Sturgeon Ventures in order to satisfy ‘threshold conditions’ until their own staff are competent.

We provide a full range of consultancy advice, reviews and compliance support services to firms who have been incubatees of The Regulatory Incubator Ecosystem and are then independently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Prudential Regulation Authority  (PRA) and others. This includes entities seeking authorisation and firms and individuals who are uncertain about whether their activities need to be regulated. We can also support firms regulated by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

From time to time, Sturgeon Ventures recommends potential incubatees to other firms and then prepare their Authorisations. Alternatively we support another compliance consultancy and Sturgeon Ventures incubate their client and they then prepare the FCA Application and take client back for ongoing monitoring. We might also then put an NED into that firm, to assist with strategic development.

We have no competitors only trusted partners and specialist advisors.

Our aim is to apply our experience, knowledge and skills to producing comprehensive and workable compliance solutions, tailored to the real-life business needs of our clients. We also provide solutions not simply manuals and procedures.

Increasingly regulatory requirements are dictated at the European level and this requires us to keep a close eye on European developments, that affect all jurisdictions. We follow the progress of the European financial services directives so that we can highlight potential issues to our clients well in advance. Many of our clients have international operations and we have strong links with a number of consultancies in other jurisdictions, particularly the US. This enables us to provide a joined up service that encompasses more than one regulatory regime.

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