Our Clients

Sturgeon Ventures since 1998 have had and still have:

  • Single and Multi-Family Offices located in UK, EU, US
  • Corporate Finance Advisory Firms
  • Third Party Fund Distributors, Marketeers
  • Fund Raising for SMEs
  • Private Equity Funds who partnered us as the Sub-Threshold UK AIFM for a Launch/Governance solution (GP/LP, EIS Fund, Venture Capital Trust -VCT)
  • Corporate Finance Advisory Firms
  • Company Research Providers
  • Debt Restructuring Investment Advisory Firms
  • Discretionary Wealth Managers for Professional Clients
  • Investment Advisers to Offshore Managers
  • Delegated Managers to Offshore Funds (many strategies)
  • Delegated Managers to Managed Accounts (including the USA)
  • Delegated Managers to EU UCITs Funds
  • Fund Distributors, Marketers and Introducers
  • Fund Raising for SMEs
  • Investment Committee Members – Governance Solutions
  • Cayman Substance Solutions
  • Operators of Funds
  • Facilities Agents for EU UCITs Managers
  • Strategic Innovation Strategy for Firms (Globally)
  • Fund Launch Middle Office Solutions
  • Outsourced Compliance Advice to Spin Outs
  • Due Diligence Support for Companies/Funds
  • Next Generation Consulting for Family Offices
  • Locums for Direct FCA Applications


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