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Sturgeon Ventures is the longest established Regulatory Incubator and Pioneer of Wholesale/Institutional Solutions for Regulatory Incubation, having coined the phrase in 2001.

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We advise ‘Pioneers’ as a Venture Catalyst, partnering ventures to transform business models and accelerating business innovation.

We are a creative solutions provider for UK start-up firms or established companies including overseas firms moving to the United Kingdom (UK) to set up a subsidiary that needs interim or long term solutions from 3 months to 10 years. Our Pillars include Corporate Finance, 3rd Party Fund Raising, Portfolio Management of Funds with multiple strategies, segregated managed accounts and AIFM Solutions.


A strong and experienced regulatory umbrella team brings entrepreneurial flare to achieving each organisation’s goals.

Founded in 1998, Sturgeon Ventures is Authorised and Regulated by the FCA and is a
Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC.

Sturgeon assist with direct FCA applications in our specialist areas. Firms can then continue with on-going compliance monitoring assisted by our Reg Tech and/or we partner with many known and reputable compliance advisory firms whom we trust.

Why Sturgeon?

A Sturgeon fish starts the size of a mustard seed, grows to 12 feet in length, weighs up to a tonne, lives for 100+ years – an amazing metaphor for growth. Sturgeon fish are bottom feeders, their cat-like whiskers taste their food before they bite, the ultimate due diligence. Sturgeon are one of the oldest fish species in the world, their evolution traceable to the early Triassic Period nearly 250 million years ago – remaining relatively unchanged since the earliest fossil records – we believe in long term authentic relationships.

Until 2005, the Appointed Representative concept was used primarily by IFAs and Insurance companies to promote their products to Ordinary Retail Clients only.

Sturgeon pioneered the use of the wholesale Appointed Representative for Corporate Finance,
3rd Party Marketing and other wholesale Advising and Arranging.

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