Our History

Early Days

Sturgeon Ventures hatched in 1998, founded by Seonaid Mackenzie to be a single family office for a wealthy American family. The family had strong ethics and a sense of social responsibility and the family office’s main investments were public and private companies for growth and capital preservation. The family mandate had no sector bias, but in 1999, a lean to financial services and healthcare with a focus on wellbeing emerged, followed through till today.

Following a tragedy in the family, the mandate became more passive, and thus The Regulatory Incubator which had hatched in early 2001, began to take flight.

In the early years Sturgeon Ventures, though regulated by the FSA, was not incorporated until 2006 when it became Sturgeon Ventures LLP. At first, Sturgeon incubated just individuals in financial services then corporate finance firms and venture fund managers, leading to hedge fund managers and long only managers, distressed debt advisors and leading US firms nurturing their London offices within the incubation of Sturgeon Ventures.


Clients are always enthused and many passionate when speaking of Sturgeon’s relationships past and present which can be further seen under Testimonials. Clients are always delighted to not only share their experiences of Sturgeon, many also share ideas and it is quite common place that clients get together, to share ideas and experiences.

Sturgeon Ventures known as the wholesale pioneer of The Regulatory Incubator, sometimes now called a Regulatory Umbrella Service or regulatory hosting platform, is seen as the leading firm in this sector. Sturgeon are often the first call of a law firm or a hedge fund consultant, but if we believe we are not the correct trusted partner, we will introduce you to the best alternative for you, as we know most of their peers in the industry.  In the words of Sturgeon’s founding partner, “No one is our competitor, they are all our trusted partners”.

We are jurisdiction neutral, however with great presence and experience in Malta in recent years.

Wealth management:

Sturgeon has continued to be a trusted advisor to the trustees of their original family office, and many smaller family offices also use Sturgeon for other advisory projects. This has led them to the charity sector for their treasury and fixed income service.

Corporate Finance:

Sturgeon has advised on fund raisings both private and public and also on acquisitions in the last ten years.

Investor Relations:

Sturgeon Compliance Services, also offers due diligence and investor relation services to some offshore funds.





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