Trust – More important than ever

Sturgeon Ventures have championed agile working and remote working since their inception in 1998. We are all used to agile working and one of the most important factors for successful remote working is trust.

Trust has two pathways – internally within the team to enable successful agile working and externally between the company and its clients.   Trust has to be earnt and delivered by an empowered team who are committed to the company values and purpose.

Due to Covid-19, teams working from home has become the new norm, with some businesses deciding this should be the new norm either full time or part office based and part home based.  In this new environment, managers will need to be trained and supported to foster the growth of trust amongst teams and clients.  It’s no longer the case that managers should have their teams in the same room to know they are working.

Woodreed has just published its newest report “The Trust Issue 2020” which considers organisational trust in the wake of the pandemic.  It’s an essential read for those businesses looking to grow Post Covid-19:

  • What our leaders should be prioritising to build trust
  • Inspirational new lessons on how to be a trusted manager from the US Navy’s flight squad, the Blue Angels
  • Why employee voice is key to trust
  • How your organisational values matter more than ever as your trusted north star
  • Why consistent, quality, brand-centred internal communication is trust’s glue inside, and what you can do to make sure your communication is trusted


Trust is the fundamental bedrock that binds us together as humans; our relationships, our actions, our expectations of others. If trust is important in the good times, it becomes utterly essential in the bad. In the wake of COVID-19, it’s now literally a matter of life and death. Can I trust my employer to keep me safe? As we carve out new paths for our workplaces, one theme will come to dominate it all…Trust.


To read the report in full, click on the icon below:

The Trust Issue 2020

More about Woodreed

Woodreed is a specialist advertising agency that’s been putting brand at the heart of internal communications since 1991. They use the tools, methodologies, insights and creativity that marketing teams use to engage consumers, but they use them to engage existing and future employees.

Woodreed helps shape company cultures using various research tools and methodologies as well as the latest technology platforms. They create and run employee workshops and focus groups – in person or remotely.

Woodreed is driven by an ambition to make workplaces better places to be.

For more information please email Woodreed’s MD, Jo Moffatt, at or visit


More about Sturgeon Ventures Awards and Background

Sturgeon Ventures are the Pioneer and most established Regulatory Incubator, a trusted partner and venture catalyst. Providing nurturing and bespoke solutions, also known as a Regulatory Umbrella, Regulatory Hosting Platform or a Regulatory Ecosystem for corporate finance, fund and portfolio management; including the establishment of family offices in the United Kingdom.

A seasoned agile team, based in London, Sturgeon Ventures, has incubated people and firms since 1999 and has been a family office wealth advisor since 1998. Sturgeon have been nominated and won many awards over the last 20 years.  Highlights within the last 3 years include:

M&A Global Awards 2020 Financial Innovator of the Year 2020, M&A Global Awards 2020 Best Regulatory Incubator 2020, ACQ Country Awards 2020 Best Regulatory Incubator 2020, ACQ Country Law Awards 2020 – UK Best Practice Operator (Regulatory Incubator), Superior Lawyers Start Up Compliance Consultancy of the year – UK, Global Leading Lawyers, Start Up Compliance Consultancy of the year – UK, Global Advisory Experts – Investment Management Advisory firm of the year – UK.

Hedge week 2019 European Services Awards and other winners over 2019.

Lawyer International Global Awards 2018 – Best Regulatory Incubator 2018 & FinServ Game Changer Innovation Award 2018, Superior Lawyers Awards 2018 – Start-up Compliance Consultancy Firm of the Year – UK, ACQ5 Global Awards 2018 – Europe Regulatory Hosting Platform of the Year and ACQ 5 – Global Awards 2018 – UK Family Office Wealth Advisor of the Year.

Sturgeon Ventures are proud to have signed up to HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, since its start in July 2016; as well as being a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investment, visibly demonstrating our commitment to ESG investing.

It’s founder, Seonaid Mackenzie, has written a contributing chapter in “Successfully Launching A Hedge Fund In Europe: Practical Guidance For New Managers” on the subject of pioneering Regulatory Incubation. Along with company contributions to industry publications such as Acquisition International and The Corporate Financier.