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To add variety to our Team Meetings, this week we asked everyone to show their self-portrait and here they are.  Can you guess Who’s Who? Visit our Team Page for clues!


Sturgeon Ventures Regulatory Umbrella


Sturgeon have been advocating agile working since 1998 BC (Before Covid-19) encouraging working pattern changes within the Financial Services industry.

As a business, Sturgeon holds agility not just as a way of working, but as one of its core values – The freedom to be flexible and move quickly to maximise opportunities and mitigate risk, predicting and capitalising on changes and trends in markets and the economy.


Sturgeon Ventures FCA Authorisation Values


Seonaid Mackenzie, Founder of Sturgeon Ventures,  commented:

“Organisations need to focus on their cultures, with senior and middle management mind-sets requiring time and effort to adjust inherited behaviours. They must also adopt agile working practices, using communications and information technology to enable staff to work where, when and how they choose – with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints – to optimise their performances.

With the median gender pay gap for the Finance and Insurance sectors being 22% and no sector paying women more than men, there is clearly work to be done to encourage agile working in these industries, particularly with investment in better technologies.

If more firms embraced the Agile Working Agenda, more women would potentially be within the workforce, while making the playing field more level.

The first commitment of this Charter is to ask firms to support the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector by focusing on the executive pipeline and the mid-tier level with internal target setting. This can only be benefitted by providing an agile working environment to encourage women back to the workplace and the Finance industry at large.”


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