FCA Statement – Corona virus and home working

4th March 2020.

In a statement released yesterday, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) explained that, in conjunction with the Bank of England and HM Treasury, they were working “closely” with the financial services sector to ensure it is responding effectively to the Covid-19 outbreak.

From their statement,

“…We expect all firms to have contingency plans in place to deal with major events. Alongside the Bank we are actively reviewing the contingency plans of a wide range of firms. This includes assessments of operational risks, the ability of firms to continue to operate effectively and the steps firms are taking to serve and support their customers…”

“…We expect firms to take all reasonable steps to meet their regulatory obligations…If firms are able to meet these standards and undertake these activities from backup sites or with staff working from home, we have no objection to this.”

Sturgeon Ventures’ has been a long-standing advocate of agile working, allowing its team to work from home.

Sturgeon understands that each of us is different – based on experience, culture, generation and ethnicity, and we value our differences.  A good example of this is our home office/work place mixed week. Work On Wednesdays (WOW) being our team day in our HQ, with all present at least once a month.

It is about creating an environment of collaboration, authentic relationships, to be yourself, and share your perspective, whilst thinking out of the box. We value thinking, learning and being different so all are empowered.

Sturgeon provides the tools and technology to provide flexible working, whilst still delivering exceptional service and commitments to our clients, our families and our community in a balanced way while still achieving own goals.

To the FCA’s statement in full, please visit their website.

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