FCA’s Megan Butler: Regulator faces ‘struggle’ to achieve diversity at senior levels

Megan Butler, FCA Executive Director of Supervision, delivered her keynote speech at the Women in Investment Festival on the difficulty of diversity at senior levels.

In her speech, entitled Breaking the Glass Ceiling: An Economic Case for Gender Diversity, she said:

“How well we do as an industry at large is a function of the culture that all of us promote. Culture change takes time and sustained commitment from leaders.”

There was also mention of the FCA’s target of having 45% of senior positions held by women in senior leadership in 2020 “later this year”, climbing to 50% by 2025.

Women  in senior positions is a topic close to Sturgeon Ventures’s heart, having signed the Women in Finance Charter back in 2016.

Sturgeon’s commitment to equality and diversity is an active one and we have signed the Women in Finance charter. By signing the charter, Sturgeon Ventures LLP has committed to implement four recommendations to improve gender diversity in financial services. The charter asks financial firms to support the progression of women into senior roles, set internal and externally reportable targets to improve diversity in the workforce, and publicly report on these goals.

The Sturgeon team is proud to advise that in 2019 the team is made up of 56% women, many of whom are working mothers and the Senior Management team is 50% women. We strive to continue to encourage the development of women in Finance and to maintain our 50% target for women in Senior Management.

To read more on Megan’s keynote speech – please visit Professional Advisor or further information on her speech with regards to Gender Diversity, also on the Professional Advisor website.

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