FCA Launches Green FinTech Challenge

Through The Wellness Marketplace (trade marked), Sturgeon Ventures has focused on investments that benefit society.  At the core of its corporate partnering work, the well-being of people and planet are foremost.

Sturgeon is very excited by the latest innovation focus of the UK’s Regulator, the Green Challenge, to support innovation in Green Finance sector.  This follows Guernsey’s initiative this summer with their Green Fund.

“…19th October 2018:  The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  have launched the Green FinTech Challenge to support innovation in the Green Finance sector.

The Challenge is aimed at firms developing green solutions that need specific regulatory support to bring their proposition to market. Successful applicants will be eligible to benefit from our Innovate services. This includes a dedicated Innovate case officer, authorisation support, live market testing in the sandbox and guidance and/or informal steers.

Firms that wish to take part in the challenge can apply by completing and submitting the application form available on the website: FCA FinTech Challenge.

The deadline for applications is 11th January 2019…”

Sturgeon Ventures LLP, the Pioneer of Regulatory Incubation, can partner you in your Green Initiatives whether supporting your application directly or through our incubator.


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