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Regulatory Incubator – Sturgeon Ventures coined the phrase in 2001, having started incubating people in financial services then. We are a trusted partner and venture catalyst offering regulatory hosting, regulatory incubation, hosted regulatory solutions and Umbrella services.

Sturgeon Ventures is the longest running and most experienced wholesale regulatory incubator in the United Kingdom.  Since 1998 the firm has incubated 126 (as at 31st August 2017) start ups including a number of established firms from the USA and other countries launching their British (UK ) businesses.  A financial services company launched in weeks not months. We deliver bespoke solutions to our clients.

Sturgeon Ventures is Authorised and Regulated by the FCA, helping you to work towards your FCA Authorisation by delivering bespoke solutions to our clients

Sturgeon Ventures is a “Regulatory Ecosystem”, empowering effective regulatory change.  Managing continuous regulatory change can be complex, costly, time-consuming and seemingly ineffective, regardless of the resources you commit. Working with Sturgeon and the team is a way to engage with continuous innovation and Sturgeon’s network of partners who collaborate on solutions.

The industry also calls our service a regulated umbrella, hosted regulatory platform, hosted regulatory solution or regulated hosting, however we see ourselves as a short and long term trusted partner, not just for a rainy day.

If we cannot offer the appropriate solution we are known to 90% of the other service providers in this sector and we can introduce you to an appropriate provider. Contact us for further information:

If you are an ambitious hedge fund or long only manager, an advisory firm for corporate finance or fund raising, a private equity or property fund, you want to trade distressed debt or launch an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS or SEIS) or simply market your offshore funds you probably want to bring your product to the market, fast with optimum conditions for growth. Sturgeon Ventures are the catalyst that can partner your vision.

If you are a single operator, our in-house experience team of portfolio managers and corporate finance advisors can be your oversight, and satisfies the regulators in terms of threshold conditions. Mentoring and nurturing is our business. We are specialists at assisting with establishing business processes, adding governance and compliance. Incubated by Sturgeon, you have no financial returns to a regulator, no capital to put up and time to establish your concept and get relevant competency before direct authorization. You can benefit from our network and retain independency of providers, all in a matter of weeks from the day you become our incubatee. Sturgeon is your ideal partner, a venture catalyst in order that you achieve your vision and start to build your own brand.


Our cost structure is flexible, you will be able to retain working capital to build your business instead of it sitting as regulatory capital, and we will support your business with manageable monthly payments, whilst you report to us every quarter your cash flow position. The Regulatory Incubator is a fixed monthly fee, and therefore has no financial exposure to its incubatees which means we have no conflict of interest, allowing a start up to show its investors that it is with an independent and robust partner.

Which one is right?

Sturgeon offer a free advisory service, before establishing up your fund and we can introduce you to the appropriate sets of lawyers, accountants, prime brokers, administrators, local experienced fund Directors, often with special rates for our incubatees. We have walked your path and can save you falling into many holes. Although jurisdiction neutral Sturgeon has set up funds in the following locales: Malta, Luxembourg, Dublin (EU) Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar Cayman, Bermuda, BVI, Anguilla ** Seonaid Mackenzie is also authorized by the Maltese Financial Services Authority as an investment manager, and so can sit on investment committees and we have one of the largest databases of local Directors

Sturgeon Ventures are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – FCA, with registrations with Securities and Exchange Commission’s FINRA and the CFTC – Chicago Futures Trading Commission in the USA . Sturgeon is a regulated Collective Investment Scheme Operator for onshore property funds or venture capital, and also works closely with onshore firms for custody and administration.

  • We have inhouse experienced investment professionals who may be locums when your firm breaks away to be directly authorised. We have offered this service for more than a decade
  • Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes – we offer due diligence service, and all documentation is pre-approved by our team
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping support
  • Drafting of agreements with our virtual in-house counsel, before or whilst working with external law firms
  • Marketing support, introductions to other 3rd party fund raisers (pre-qualified)
  • Compliance Support
  • We listen to your needs
Sturgeon offer a Virtual Chief Operating Officer for an additional fee, who can work full or part time during your fund launch and beyond based on hourly or daily rates. These teams are very experienced all launched a number of funds both hedge funds, property funds and venture funds. Details and/or testimonials or references on request.



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