Our innovative and entrepreneurial approach to corporate finance and wealth management and compliance, means we are nimble enough to move quickly whilst drawing on a wealth of expertise and experience developed over several decades from all our origins, from many well known City institutions. Overall we fuse traditional values with an entrepreneurial culture.


To be your partner, having walked the walk, a trusted lead down many well trodden and sometimes tricky paths.


A dedicated team of experts with the necessary experience and knowledge to match your aspirations with the right solutions.


The freedom to be flexible and move quickly to maximise opportunities and mitigate risk, predicting and capitalising on changes and trends in markets and the economy.

Due Diligence

Like the Sturgeon, we perform as much research and due diligence on our targets and on our projects, before engagement, the Sturgeon is a bottom feeder, tasting with its whiskers before it bites.


Ensuring clarity and transparency at all times, continually assessing your needs and evaluating the most appropriate strategy for the appropriate outcomes.


Continually placing you, our client, at the heart of everything we do, a shared philosophy to achieve outstanding results.


Listening to you and learning is at the heart of our daily activities.


Our commercial vision means we stay ahead of trends and look for innovation at every turn.


Charitable Giving

 We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

At Sturgeon Ventures and Sturgeon Compliance we believe that we all have a little bit more that we can give back which can be a powerful tool for good.

Our London office has recycling and energy saving buildings, and we recycle all we can and use recycled products and continually assesses where improvements can be made.

Sturgeon Ventures LLP gives time and other support to these charities:

Support of the Project Harar 2018 Surgical Mission

Sturgeon Ventures, the regulatory incubator pioneer,  is supporting the Project Harar 2018 Surgical Mission, Ethiopia, by sponsoring 3,000 eggs, which is approximately the total quantity of eggs needed for the entire 2018 Mission.

Project Harar was set up to help those people, predominantly children, living in rural Ethopia affected by facial deformities, be it a cleft lip, palate, animal attack or tumour, and are unable to access medical support.  Eggs are a great source of protein to help with patient health before and after major surgery.

Jackie Riley one of Sturgeon’s Fund Monitoring Team is joining the project trip and Seonaid Mackenzie has also donated a signed Sex and the City poster for their next auction.

Website: http://www.projectharar.org/


A donation was made instead of Christmas Cards for 2017.  Crosslight is a charity that helps combat poverty and hardship caused by burden of unmanageable debt and lack of financial capability.

Website: https://www.crosslightadvice.org/

Alpha International and Holy Trinity Brompton

Sturgeon gives every year to the work of Alpha International and Holy Trinity Brompton’s work across many projects in the UK.

Website: https://alpha.org/

Website: https://www.htb.org/

Ride The Night For Cancer

All our lives have been touched by female cancer, in particular, breast, ovarian and/or cervical. As a predominantly female team, Sturgeon have taken up a challenge, and we all hope to get a little fitter. The chaps were there on the night with puncture kits.

On May 27th 2017 we rode the ride 100 km through London crossing our home bridge in Putney twice and were delighted to raise £6,000.

Do watch the video: www.ridethenight.co.uk

Sponsorship: www.justgiving.com/sturgeonridethenightforcancer

“Life is like a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep on moving.”



HTB has done so much for family life in the UK and overseas, the William Wilberforce Trust run by HTB has equipped many communities against poverty. Alpha in prisons is helping so many. Ken Costa’s work with the workplace dealing with issues such as stress, ambition, failure disappointment, hope.

Website: www.htb.org.uk

Samuel Neill and The Caudwell Children

Becky Neill, who is one of our valued consultants at Sturgeon Ventures has a son Samuel who needs help as a Key to Change his life. Seven year old Samuel was born 11 weeks prematurely (due to an infection). As a result of this he suffered a small abrasion on the brain which resulted in Cerebral Palsy. In a nutshell, his muscles are too tight in his legs, causing him to walk on tip toes; he also has little core strength so poor stamina, tasks that other children take for granted he has to work really hard on. The proposed operation offered by GOSH in June 2016 will reduce the tightness (spasticity) in Samuel’s legs, as the surgeon will shred the nerves around the spine that are telling his muscles to tighten. Although Samuel is able to walk, etc. the concern is that unless he has the operation his muscles get tighter and tighter as he gets taller and his mobility will decrease.

The fund is also to help with the physio costs before and after the operation as the stronger her is, the quicker and better the recovery. The cost of the Operation and Physio is £50,000 ($80,000). If we are fortunate enough to raise anything higher than that, the surplus would go to the Cauldwell Children, Changing Children’s lives, who have given us a cell of theirs as a charity to raise this funding as Host. The operation is called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy and involves a 3 week stay in Great Ormond Street Hospital with a very intense follow up physio for more than a year.

PR Newswire: Samuel Neill

Website: Caudwell Children

Update 2018

The 2016 operation was successful and Samuel after many hours was able to put his feet to the floor and walk.


School Talks

Seonaid Mackenzie gives a day every three months to speak in schools working in finance as a female entrepreneur at both private and state schools.


 Sturgeon Ventures Charitable Giving