Sturgeon Ventures have incubated many firms since 2000. They have included: hedge funds, venture capital funds, corporate finance firms, private equity firms, capital introduction firms, family offices, energy market participants, both start ups and established firms.

At the appropriate time, we have assisted them through their FSA (now FCA) application, and continued their compliance monitoring, until they grew large enough to have an in-house department.

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How To Become An Appointed Representative

Becoming an Appointed Representative (AR) is an option that you have if you wish to practice regulated activities in the United Kingdom. Full FCA authorisation is another option, but becoming an appointed representative is an acceptable interim arrangement and can be a permanent arrangement.

To become an AR you must first decide which activities you intend to undertake. These regulated activities can then be matched up with a Principal (Sturgeon Ventures) . If you have many aspects to your business, you may have more than one principal.

This way of doing business was originally for insurance market salesmen so they could build a brand and sell their Principal’s products. It then developed into the Independent Financial Advisor Networks, again for retail clients. Then, in 2003, Sturgeon Ventures created the first Wholesale Appointed Representative for Corporate Finance.

How Does the Relationship Work?

The AR works with a Principal (Sturgeon Ventures), who are a firm directly authorised by the FCA.  An AR works on behalf of the Principal as an agent.

Sturgeon Ventures is entirely responsible for the work of it’s AR.  We ensure that our ARs follows FCA regulations and rules and a contract is signed by both parties.  Once the contract is signed,  Sturgeon Ventures notifies the FCA.

That relationship means that  Sturgeon Ventures has full access to the paperwork, staff and offices that their AR manages.  As an AR, you must show complete transparency.

There are other aspects to consider, including whether you want to be an IAR (Introducer Appointed Representative). The IAR is different to an AR to the extent that an IAR introduces customers to insurance products.

Sturgeon Ventures comply with the FCA’s requirements for Treating Customers Fairly.

Tied Agent Services

Getting ready for BREXIT? You can set up an office in the EEA as a Tied Agent of Sturgeon and if we loose the EEA Passport, upgrade to a local EEA license.

Further Help

In the first instance, if you have a question, need further information about your activities or an appointed representative application form, get in touch with Sturgeon Ventures. Or, contact the FCA Customer Contact Centre.


Tel: 0203 167 4625

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