The Trust Issue

‘Trust is important in the good times but also in the bad because life goes in peaks and troughs and there’s going to be a point when you’re going to require that trust, and if you’ve lost it before, how do you go about demonstrating that actually you are not going to repeat history?’
John Lewis

What’s your corporate vision statement? Chances are it’s got something to do with trust. A cursory glance at the first page of Google’s 2,830,000 results for ‘vision to be the most trusted’ reveals a raft of organisations all with the same ambition…to be trusted.
“To be recognised as the most trusted partner to our global clients”
“To be the most trusted source of aviation and high-integrity solutions in the world”
“To be the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop”
“To be the most trusted provider of essential services…”
“To be our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner”
“To be the world’s most trusted financial group”
And on it goes…
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The Trust Issue - Who Spent The Trust Fund?
The Trust Issue Who Spent The Trust Fund?

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