Konstatin Krebs, Managing Partner Capstan Capital

Sturgeon has been with us from the beginnings of our firm. The team not only made sure that we never had any compliance related hitches, they also provided highly valuable advice in various areas of our business development. For us, they are not just compliance supervisors but an important business partner.


Sturgeon Ventures Regulatory Compliance

Richard Peak, The Helmsley Group

Walker Morris introduced us to Sturgeon Ventures. Sturgeon incubated us for a short period, albeit our business has been around for 30 plus years. Further to investigation by Walker Morris, our legal advisers, the FCA agreed that our property and loan syndicates were not Alternative Investment Funds (AIF). However our schemes were caught by the Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme (UCIS) rules. As such, we needed an Operator, and our senior management and staff needed to learn how the FCA compliance worked.

Working with Sturgeon Ventures and their team during the incubation and after, has been a rewarding experience. Sturgeon Academy, Sturgeon’s in-house training, taught us many fundamental governance tips that we took back and have implemented into our long-term corporate governance. We were also impressed when different team members have visited us on monitoring visits. Sturgeon’s team members also attended our investor annual meetings; which we believe again, highlights to our investors how compliance and governance is integrated and embraced into our daily business and is part of our culture.


Sturgeon Compliance Testimonial

Henry Talbot-Ponsonby and William Rudebeck, Venture Capital Partners

We are a breakaway team from a past Umbrella Incubated Client of Sturgeon Ventures LLP. We found SV’s team to be professional in all their dealings with our firm, and a great stepping stone and mentor to our own independent authorisation with the FCA within a 2 year period. The added bonus, was they introduced us to a client with whom we had a successful transaction.


Sturgeon Ventures Testimonial

Stuart Knight, Haibun Partners LLP

Sturgeon Ventures LLP played a large part in the successful launch of Haibun Partners LLP with their incubation of Haibun Partners under the regulatory umbrella of Sturgeon Ventures; they were also able to assist us with the intricate application for FCA registration. Sturgeon Ventures provided us with the foundations to begin our work with confidence and without delay.


Regulatory Umbrella Testimonial