Sturgeon Ventures wins Leading Regulated Incubation Services of the Year 2022

Sturgeon Ventures are delighted to announce that they have been awarded the Leading Regulated Incubation Services of the Year 2022 award from Acquisition International Magazine.

Acquisition International details that the awards

Were originally launched several years ago to highlight those who have looked to redefine the industry, innovate on past best practices, and spearhead greater change on the landscape.

Sturgeon Ventures is the longest established leading Regulatory Incubator and has weathered the many changes in the industry over the past years, a testament to our experience and team commitment to our clients. Small firms benefit from their ability to be agile in responding to the ever changing financial landscape.

Since Sturgeon Ventures created the wholesale use of the AR Firm and has been incubating Institutional Financial Services start-ups since 2000, many newer entrants have joined the market; many that came to be AR Firms with Sturgeon Ventures that simply loved the model and copied it.

Many of these competitors have been taken over by larger firms or PE-backed businesses, some even US Firms, and in our opinion, they have lost the personal touch that entrepreneurs need in their “Ventures”. Sturgeon continues to take a hands-on approach, and we believe that we are the only Regulatory Incubator/Hosting Firm where in our closed ended funds, we have women on the investment committees to ensure we hit both the S and the G of ESG as many new managers strive to have this within their operational teams. Many of our competitors claim that they are innovative because they have compliance technology; Sturgeon Ventures has never dwelled on this but has been powered for more than a decade by a bespoke version of ViClarity, our inhouse technology, designed to meet the needs of our hosted and incubated ventures and the underlying clients.

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