Spring’s Arrival – Good News

At a time of confusion and unprecedented situations, it’s good news to know that Spring starts earlier than usual on Friday 20th March (normally 21st March) first time in 124 years a day early.

Spring can also be a time of unpredictable weather – snow or sun, rain or sleet, but it is a sign that new life is growing for both plants and animals.

Sturgeon Ventures is the pioneer and longest running wholesale regulatory incubator in the United Kingdom; taking the traditional use of the Appointed Representative from Insurance and IFA Sales Teams into the wholesale markets.

Since inception, the firm has incubated +150 start-ups including a number of established firms from the USA and other countries launching their UK businesses passporting across Europe some with a physical presence in Europe too. Giving new businesses the space and time to grow in a nurturing environment.

Sturgeon Ventures has throughout its 21-year history championed agile teams. Successful agile working creates an efficient business environment by giving employees the freedom and flexibility to work remotely via home working, when and how they choose.

We work from our homes, coming together for Work On Wednesdays (WOW) – this being our team day in our HQ, with all present at least once a month. Whilst the Corona Virus restricts meeting in person, we are using Microsoft Teams as our “virtual office”.

Sturgeon provides the tools and technology to provide flexible working, whilst still delivering exceptional service and commitments to our clients, our families and our community in a balanced way while still achieving own goals. Sturgeon’s use of technology and its own Regulatory Technology creates a seamless working environment for our team and clients.

It is about creating an environment of collaboration, authentic relationships, to be yourself, and share your perspective, whilst thinking out of the box. We value thinking, learning and being different so all are empowered.

Seonaid Mackenzie comments:

Organisations need to focus on their cultures, with senior and middle management mind-sets requiring time and effort to adjust inherited behaviours. They must also adopt agile working practices, using communications and information technology to enable staff to work where, when and how they choose – with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints – to optimise their performances.

Our Purpose in the Community

Over recent years, we supported Project Harar, by donating 3,000 eggs (in true honour of being an incubator) for their project helping to nourish the children pre and post operations.

Currently, we are supporting Crosslight Advice, which is a community-focused charity that works to combat poverty and hardship caused by the burden of unmanageable debt and lack of financial capability. Giving people the opportunity for new life and growth. This resource in London will be pushed to its capacity now more than ever, see how you can help.

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