Happy Easter from the pioneer of Regulatory Incubation

Sturgeon Ventures celebrates Easter by delivering A MessagePad celebration, change and chocolate.   We have sponsored an egg with Paul Young, an entrepreneur in the field of fine chocolate.  Paul added the rainbow sprinkles to our egg to compliment our love of a little colour in all our brands.

…”Paul Young is a groundbreaking and inspirational chocolatier who is at the forefront of the British chocolate scene. Paul’s passion for his craft and his cutting edge creativity have won him numerous awards and led to him being ranked amongst the world’s best chocolatiers…”

Easter is traditionally marked by the giving of an egg.   Easter is a celebration of change, new life and  new ventures.  As the pioneer of Regulatory Incubation, Sturgeon  wishes you all a Happy Easter.
To read more on Paul A Young, please visit his website.

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