13 Financial Firms Pledge to Put Women in 50% of Top U.K. Roles

Sturgeon Ventures mentioned in Laura Cohen’s Fortune Website article for it’s commitment to the Women in Finance Charter and flexible working for women.

They want to reach that goal by 2021.
The U.K. government wants to increase gender diversity in the upper ranks of the financial industry, and on Tuesday it announced that some big-name players in the field have signed on to specific pillars of that effort, including 13 firms that have pledged gender parity.

Major banks—including HSBC UK, RBS and Lloyds—have committed to the government’s so-called Women in Finance Charter, which was established in March with the goal of adding more women to finance firms’ corporate boards and executive committees. In all, 72 firms signed on to the charter, and the Treasury announced Tuesday that 60 of those companies have pledged to have at least 30% of senior roles held by women by 2021.

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Sturgeon’s commitment to equality and diversity is an active one and we have signed the Women in Finance charter. By signing the charter, Sturgeon Ventures LLP have committed to implement four recommendations to improve gender diversity in financial services. The charter asks financial firms to support the progression of women into senior roles, set internal and externally reportable targets to improve diversity in the workforce, and publicly report on these goals.