Often a Management Company in the European Union known as a Man Co Platform will delegate to a firm like Sturgeon.


Sturgeon has been a third party fund manager since 1998. Originally with a private US family office and in the last decade as an Independent Investment Manager.  Sturgeon is known to many regulators including Malta (MFSA) and the Central Bank in Ireland (CBI) as such a third party manager, and the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF)

Our in-house investment risk management and commitment to regulatory compliance, leave investors assured that their interests are placed at the heart of all our investment decisions. We also provide fund establishment services, advising on fund structuring, investment processes, marketing and regulatory compliance, to a range of funds, as a third party investment manager with substance ranging from:

  • Hedge Funds
  • EIS Schemes
  • SEIS Schemes
  • Long Only Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Managed Accounts
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Specialist Thematic Funds
  • Delegated Portfolio Manager from UCITs funds
  • Family Office Trusts
  • Employee Benefit Schemes

Our collective portfolio management and advisory expertise is enhanced by our clients’ asset class expertise.

Sometimes the Advisor has an Appointed Representative and sometimes we are the Portfolio Manager where the firm advising is fully regulated by the FCA as a corporate finance advisor or other permissions.

Preparation – Establishing a Fund

We support the advisors in a number of ways, from the preparation and issue of the fund investment memorandum, keeping a close eye on the regulatory obligations whilst getting the correct structures in place. Review of the fund marketing/promotional documentation – advice and professional input into the structures and domiciles of the fund and or schemes. Liaison with other professional advisors, managing necessary verification and financial approvals of the documentation. Assisting in appointment and using some of our internal team on investment committees, fund directors from the Investment Manager who are already approved by regulators from Ireland, to Malta to Cayman.

Fund Management and Operation

Once fund is launched and capital put in place, Sturgeon fulfills the investment or portfolio managers role, liaises with custodians, brokers and reporting to the investors in accordance with the fund objectives to its investors.

Benefits of this model:

  • Corporate Governance of the investment fund
  • Providing required substance
  • Evolution of the funds’ performance communication
  • Development of Investor Relations roles
  • Implementation of Risk Management Process
  • Identification and monitoring of the Fund’s Risk Profile
  • Investment Compliance Issues
  • Monitor Operational Risks with the advisory teams
  • Assessment of delegated activities (including due diligence)
  • Ongoing relationship with the external auditor of the fund (if requested)
  • Review of the Board/Investment Committee Reports
  • Training of related parties in regulatory changes


Our offering is further enhanced as through our partners we have on the ground investment managers, who are locally regulated in Hong Kong and in the Cayman Islands offering expertise and substance, not simply letterbox PO boxes, which can be delegated back to the UK or other jurisdictions.


KID Reports for One Ragtime Platform investments

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