Our innovative and entrepreneurial approach to corporate finance and wealth management and compliance, means we are nimble enough to move quickly whilst drawing on a wealth of expertise and experience developed over several decades from all our origins, from many well known City institutions. Overall we fuse traditional values with an entrepreneurial culture.


To be your partner, having walked the walk, a trusted lead down many well trodden and sometimes tricky paths.


A dedicated team of experts with the necessary experience and knowledge to match your aspirations with the right solutions.


The freedom to be flexible and move quickly to maximise opportunities and mitigate risk, predicting and capitalising on changes and trends in markets and the economy.

Due Diligence

Like the Sturgeon, we perform as much research and due diligence on our targets and on our projects, before engagement, the Sturgeon is a bottom feeder, tasting with its whiskers before it bites.


Ensuring clarity and transparency at all times, continually assessing your needs and evaluating the most appropriate strategy for the appropriate outcomes.


Continually placing you, our client, at the heart of everything we do, a shared philosophy to achieve outstanding results.


Listening to you and learning is at the heart of our daily activities.


Our commercial vision means we stay ahead of trends and look for innovation at every turn.