Sturgeon Ventures is a Partnership, Founded in 1998 as a single family office.

The Partners love of being involved in the growth and nurturing of private company investments led to the creation of an incubator. Initially there was no sector focus; in 1999 some sectors took the lead focus. These included financial services and well-being.

Sturgeon Ventures is the most established Regulatory Incubator known by some as an Regulatory Umbrella or Hosting Platform or Regulatory Hosting firm.

Sturgeon Ventures has incubated people and firms since 1999.

Sturgeon Ventures has been a family office wealth advisor since 1998.

Incubation allows a firm to build a track record, competency and business process whilst achieving critical mass.

A Sturgeon’s egg is the size of a mustard seed. With the right nurturing it will hatch, grow to more than fifteen feet long, weigh over a ton and live for at least two hundred years.